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Intelligent rope groove rotary milling machine


Product Name:Intelligent rope groove rotary milling machine

Update time:2020-10-31 15:34:22

Product Details
1. Product introduction

The intelligent rope groove milling machine adopts the combined turning and milling process, which not only changes the traditional cutting process of the friction liner of mine hoist, but also solves the problem that the wheel liner cannot be turned. It is a special machine tool for cutting the main hoist of the mine and the rope groove of the crown wheel liner. Compared with traditional turning processing, this machine tool has the characteristics of intelligent feed, fast milling speed, etc., which effectively solves the gnawing, vibration, and low cutting accuracy of the old cutting equipment when cutting the rope groove, and the combined turning and milling processing is easier to arrange Chips and thermal deformation are small, and there is almost no deformation of the workpiece due to centrifugal force. After the machine is first installed and debugged, it has a unified benchmark, which can easily achieve the consistency of the depth of the cut rope grooves after multiple rope grooves are cut to ensure the same bottom diameter of the rope grooves. Comparing the cutting depth data of the rope groove before and after cutting, it is easy to judge the degree of wear of a certain rope groove, which provides a reference for the adjustment and maintenance of the mine wire rope.

The intelligent rope groove milling machine is a two-axis X axis and Z axis perpendicular to each other. The linear motion of each axis system is controlled by an intelligent system, and the electric spindle is used to realize high precision, high efficiency, stable and reliable cutting of rope grooves. The cutting and maintenance of the rope groove can extend the wear cycle of the wire rope, play a good role in protecting the wire rope, extend the service life of the gasket, improve the stability of the friction drive system, and can well meet the needs of customers. The machine tool has a pure Chinese interface, simple operation, saves the maintenance time occupied by the rope groove cutting work, improves production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and eliminates the danger of close operation of the workers. It is a sharp tool for the maintenance of the rope groove of the mine hoist.

2. Product Features

1. High finish and roundness of processed surface

The electric spindle selected by the machine tool has the advantages of high speed, high precision and high output power. At the same time, the electric spindle also has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small inertia, low vibration, low noise, fast response, etc., and it has high speed and high power. The machine tool design is simplified, the spindle positioning is easy to realize, the linear speed of the tool cutting is greatly improved, and the surface finish and roundness of the rope groove are increased.

2. The equipment has good sealing performance and is easy to maintain

The machine bed adopts a sealed design. When cutting the rope groove, it can effectively prevent the cutting powder, oil and other debris from entering the machine and affecting the normal operation of the machine.

3. Simple operation, controllable and high safety

Users can choose an intelligent operating system according to their needs to intelligently control all actions of the machine tool. Each axial position can be inputted through the electronic display screen to input the feed command, without any manual operation, and the safety factor is high.

4. High cutting accuracy and consistency

The specific feed amount in each direction can be set according to the on-site working conditions, the minimum setting value is 0.001mm, and every operation detail can be monitored and adjusted. Fully ensure that the diameter of all the rope grooves after processing is the same, which can effectively adjust the tension of the wire rope, shorten the adjustment stroke of the rope adjustment cylinder, and fully ensure that the hoist system runs under the same tension.

5. Using the original foundation, easy and quick installation

The installation of the machine tool can use the original supporting installation base: when the equipment is installed on site, the rope groove can be cut after the on-site technicians measure, install, align, and fix it.

6. High cutting efficiency

In the daily normal production and maintenance time of each mine, the whole process of machine installation, alignment, debugging, cutting rope groove, cleaning site, and normal production can be completed. The cutting process is not restricted by the rotation direction of the reel, and both forward and reverse rotation can be used for cutting.


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