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Mine automation equipment helps coal mine companies gradually cancel night shifts

Release Time2020-10-29 16:24:44      Hit Count:181

Recently, at the national coal mine safety* training work meeting, the director of the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau stated that coal mining enterprises should be equipped with equipment, reduce intensity, continue to promote mechanized substitution and automation, increase the development and application of coal mining robots, and strive to improve employees. Freed from dangerous environments and heavy labor. It is necessary to promote the implementation of "abolition of night shifts" and gradually change the traditional operation mode of "three shifts a day and 24 hours a day" for underground coal mine employees, reduce labor intensity, and return the regularity of work and rest.

For a long time, my country's coal industry has been producing uninterrupted 24 hours a day, and some special work and rest systems have been formed from this, and the production method of "non-stop equipment and people shifting" has been adopted. In addition, due to technical limitations* and the contradiction between supply and demand, it was once a helpless choice for coal mining companies to expand production and ensure supply by increasing operating time in a certain stage. The long-term night shift has disrupted the work and rest of coal miners to a certain extent, which has brought certain health risks to the workers. The "black and white" work and rest even affect the normal family life of workers.

With the advancement of technology and changes in social demand, there is a certain realistic basis for the reduction and cancellation of night shift operations. The application of automated control technology in the coal industry allows mechanical production to replace manual operations, while reducing high temperatures, low temperatures, and high risks. Work to improve the working conditions and environment of workers. Therefore, the research and development and application of automated mining equipment has become a place to be explored by related industries and enterprises.

As one of the supporting technologies of modern industry, industrial automation technology solves the problem of consistency between coal production efficiency and product quality. It is an important prerequisite and guarantee for modern industrial production to achieve large-scale, high-quality, precise, intelligent, and secure production. The widespread application of automation technology will greatly improve production efficiency, improve working conditions, ensure product quality and standardization, and improve production companies' ability to predict and make decisions about modern industrial production.

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