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Mine face communication system helps smart mine construction

Release Time2020-10-29 16:26:18      Hit Count:173

"The unmanned and intelligent mining of coal mining face is a major technological breakthrough. It is the only way for my country's coal industry to achieve high-quality development and has a strong demonstrative effect on other old mining areas." Experts said this when talking about the intelligent construction of coal mines at the national coal mine thin seam intelligent mining on-site promotion meeting.

Old mines are deep, more links, and disasters are superimposed... Shandong, a large coal resource province that has been focusing on "human sea tactics" for many years, cannot effectively guarantee safe production by relying solely on management methods. It urgently needs safety, efficiency, higher quality, and more sustainability. The new path and new model of development urgently need to change concepts, update equipment, and optimize systems, so as to fundamentally improve safety and security capabilities. To this end, they implemented the “One-Teach-Two-Excellence” construction centered on “upgrading the equipment level, optimizing the production system, and optimizing the labor organization”, and transformed from “human sea tactics” to technology-driven and intelligent construction, creating intelligent coal mines, Let the old mining area glow with brand new strength.

Coal machine memory cutting, automatic follow-up movement of supports, intelligent robot inspection, intelligent spot inspection of equipment failures...Intelligence is within reach here, subverting the traditional cognition of coal mines and miners. "Production dispatching and commanding*, all equipment on the working face is ready and ready to start." As the ground dispatcher taps the "one-key start" button, the underground pumping station, belt, transfer machine, conveyor, shearer and other equipment are in order. start up.

The working face centralized control system is one of the important parts of the intelligent working face. The communication control system of the mine working face adopts industrial PLC and embedded technology as a whole, and the upper computer adopts explosion-proof computer, which has a very high degree of automation and can realize unmanned coal mining. . The KTC158 mine working face communication control system can control the transfer machine, breaker, conveyor-forward and backward sliding, clean water pump, chemical pump and other equipment in the working face, and control the start and stop status of the equipment, working current, voltage, temperature and working face Information such as wind speed, *s concentration, carbon monoxide, etc. is detected and centrally controlled. From the small belt to the main conveyor belt, from a single conveyor belt to all the fixed belt conveyor transportation systems of the entire mine, from simple head and tail overlap to "D" and "mountain" type overlaps, all can be controlled by * .

In December last year, Tianzhuang Mine took the lead in building the nation’s first intelligent working face for coal ploughs, enabling thin coal seam mining to be remotely visible and controllable. While improving product quality, it greatly reduced overall manufacturing costs and increased profits. 3.6 million yuan. With the economic and social development, the development mode driven by a large amount of human resources and relying on cost factors is unsustainable, and replacing labor-intensive with technology-intensive has become a new connotation of the development of coal enterprises. There are few people and no one is safe. *The advancement of mechanized substitution, automation and reduction of personnel, and the rapid construction of'smart mines' are important support for the promotion of new technological revolutions in coal mining and the production problems of *breaking* security. It is also an important support for upgrading the traditional kinetic energy of the coal industry and achieving high The inevitable choice for quality development. "

In recent years, many mining groups have successfully realized the upgrade from mechanization to automation and intelligent mining. As a result, coal miners’ worries about incompleteness, high labor intensity, and insecure rest time are all solved now. Dangerous and labor-intensive jobs have been replaced by smart devices, giving us plenty of rest and time to spend with our families, and the quality of life and happiness index have soared.

In the next step, many coal mining companies will continue to advance their “single promotion and double excellence” to promote the expansion of intelligent construction to the whole industry and multiple fields, and to promote the substitution of mechanization and the reduction of people by automation. In the “Ban Hundred People” demonstration mines, all rockburst mines have realized intelligent mining of coal faces. We will strive to promote remote control of the heading face, strive to basically cancel the night shift production in the mine, and build an intelligent construction.

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