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Release Time2020-10-29 16:46:42      Hit Count:266

"I am pleased to hear that your company adopted the multi-head parallel combination construction method in the installation project of the auxiliary shaft shaft facilities of the southeast ore body, which exceeded the planned completion of the node target, and once again created a new record in the history of Tongguan mine construction shaft equipment installation, the'Tongguan' brand Sing the land of Africa again..." Recently, a congratulatory letter was passed from China National Africa Mining Co., Ltd. to the construction site of the Chambisi project of Tongguan Mining Construction Company and the domestic headquarters. The cadres and employees of Tongguan Mining Construction Company were all happy and encouraged. .

Reading the news from China Mining News today, I couldn't help but sigh that under the leadership of the party and the country, our Chinese enterprises have moved to the forefront of the world. As the manager of a new type of private enterprise in our country, I am also infinitely yearning for one day to take my enterprise abroad, to bring pride to my country, and to shout to the world: We are a Chinese enterprise.

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