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Xuzhou Anshuo successfully passed the quality management system certification

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On September 2, 2019, there was warm applause in the office of Xuzhou Anshuo Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (Su Ke Anshuo). After more than 90 days of unremitting efforts, all employees have been training, self-learning and corrections by quality management system experts. , Successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification on this day, the certificate number: 282Q19090902014 This certificate number will be recorded in the company's development history, the company will continue the quality management system requirements: 1. Focus on customers; 2. Leadership; 3. All Participation of employees; 4. Process method; 5. Improvement; 6. Evidence-based decision-making; 7. Relationship management. In the future development, with all employees as the core and quality management system as the norm, we will provide more qualified answers to the government, cooperative customers and cooperative units that have always supported our company.

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