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Xuzhou Anshuo Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. congratulates everyone on a happy new year!

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Saying farewell to the old year in the sky, the rats come to the earth to welcome the new year, full of the joy of the new year, we waved goodbye to the year of hard work in 2019, and strides into 2020, which is the beginning of Huazhang. Looking back at the past, with a grateful heart, looking forward to the road, it is difficult to suppress the surging pride. On this occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, celebrate the achievements and progress gained in the past year, and celebrate the arrival of a peaceful year, a year of hope, and a glorious year in 2020, and we will weave our dream of taking off with everyone , To realize the Chinese dream and Su Keanshuo's dream.

In the past year, Su Ke Anshuo completed the construction of management system, corporate culture, and corporate management system. This is a year of implementation of the brand strategy development plan. The new product safety rope locker; frequency conversion speed regulating rope retracting machine; the launch of the centralized control system of the tank rope and safety rope on the market is an important year for Su Ke Anshuo to mature.

The company's customer-first, people-oriented business philosophy, technology connects the future, takes information connection and security as its own responsibility, and relies on high technology to continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company, boldly innovate, strive hard, and advance in the direction of internationalization.

Thanks to all employees for their hard work, hard work and dedication. Thank you friends for your sincere care and strong support. The bright spring will bring us into a new and hopeful 2020. This will be a year of hard work and struggle for our Sukoan Shuo people. Standing on a new height, facing new opportunities and challenges, let us be high-spirited. Wisdom, passion and perseverance, work together to make Su Ke Anshuo bigger and stronger.

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