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Beijing, behind the two "national firsts"

Release Time2019-04-11 16:53:53      Hit Count:178

Draw a good ecological picture, build a high-tech dream, cultivate a new economy, and expand new momentum... Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all regions and departments have conscientiously implemented the new development concept, focusing on supply-side structural reforms, and insisting on adapting measures to local conditions and complying with local conditions. Proceeding from reality, we have steadily promoted high-quality development and achieved remarkable results.

From now on, Xinhua News Agency has opened the column "A Magnificent 70 Years of Struggle in a New Era-Promoting High-Quality Development Research Line", and launched a series of reports that fully reflect the innovative practices and typical experiences of promoting high-quality development in various regions, in order to achieve higher quality and better quality. Efficient, fairer and more sustainable development adds new impetus. "Behind the Two "National Firsts"-Beijing Actively Exploring the Road to High-Quality Development" is the opening work.

In 2018, the capital Beijing handed over a beautiful report card: GDP per capita reached 21,300 US dollars, and the labor productivity of all employees reached about 240,000 yuan per person, setting two "national firsts".

A series of data is an effective footnote for Beijing's active exploration of high-quality development in recent years.

"To promote Beijing's high-quality development, we must grasp the five key points: based on the strategic positioning of the capital city, reduced development is the characteristic, green development is the foundation, innovative development is the only way out, and people-centered development is the fundamental goal"——

As the person in charge of Beijing put forward, facing the major issue of "what kind of capital to build and how to build a capital", Beijing, a thousand-year-old city, must unswervingly follow the path of reduced development, green development, and innovative development.

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