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What are the problems facing the intelligentization of coal mines?

Release Time2018-11-02 09:20:53      Hit Count:264

The intelligent construction of coal mines is a huge and complex project. To do a good job in the intelligent construction of coal mines, this complicated problem must be simplified first. Only by clearing the system process and grasping the substantive problems can we make a breakthrough in the intelligent construction of coal mines.

Currently, there are two dilemmas in the intelligent construction of coal mines. One is the unscientific top-level design of coal mine intelligence. Various disasters and accidents occur from time to time in coal mines, and the operating environment with many points, long lines and wide areas brings complexity to the production process. Second, there are problems in mining sensors. Coal mine intelligence is a complex system composed of multiple systems. At this stage, the coal mine should calm down, lay the foundation with peace of mind, and do the following tasks.

One is the construction of mine network data*. Network data* is the foundation of coal mine informatization construction. Without reliable network data*, there can be no intelligent construction. With the development of coal mine informatization, the 100M and Gigabit network systems previously built by coal mines cannot meet the new needs. It is necessary to start building a multi-integrated network architecture system such as 10G, industrial ring network, and wireless network to realize the mining area network. Full coverage.

Huake Electric KT158 mine wireless communication system adopts industrial-grade ring network and VOIP technology, which is fully digital; this system can share the main network with multiple systems. When applied in coal mines, it can share ring network switches and optical cables with mine information construction, reducing construction Amount and save money.

The second is the construction of mine communication system. The mine communication system is an important part of the mine dispatch command system. If the communication system has incomplete performance and unstable operation, dispatch orders cannot be communicated in time. In the event of sudden accidents, it will cause the failure of dispatching and command and the expansion of accidents and disasters. Therefore, each mine must build a mine communication system with complete performance, reliable equipment, and stable operation.

Huake Electric’s KT190 mine broadcast communication system and KT124 mine dispatch communication system can quickly transmit commands to more people. It is a communication method for emergency mine disasters and can reduce the impact of mine accidents. When choosing emergency broadcasting, we must consider the safety, stability and easy maintenance of emergency broadcasting, otherwise it will become a decoration.

The third is the construction of the management system of personnel entering the well. The underground personnel positioning system is a perfect system established in coal mines. A single underground personnel positioning system can no longer adapt to the management of personnel entering the well. The establishment of a multi-system linkage system can fundamentally solve the problem of unclear number of people entering the well, and realize the real-time unification of the number of miner’s lamps, the number of self-rescuers, the number of attendance and the number of people entering the well.

The KJ725 mining precision personnel positioning system can realize the precision positioning of underground personnel and vehicles, attendance, unique identification, track playback, electronic fence and many other functions, which is convenient for managers to implement comprehensive management of miners, and can communicate with Video surveillance system and broadcast communication system realize linkage.

The fourth is the construction of a coal mine safety monitoring system. The "Technical Plan for Upgrading and Transformation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System" puts forward, "Realize the integration of underground wired and wireless transmission networks, and the integration of monitoring and monitoring with GIS technology. The integration of multiple systems can be ground or underground. Encourage the newly installed *full monitoring system to adopt underground *integration methods."

At present, there are many problems in the intelligent working face and lack of reliable information transmission means. The construction of smart mines is obstructive and long.

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